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DCS-5F25ESix-sided semi-automatic single position shaping vacuum packaging machine

Suitable for quantitative vacuum packaging of particulate matter in rice, grain and food industries


1. Air recovery and maintenance-free vacuum system, energy saving and maintenance-free vacuum pump are adopted.

2, small size, high efficiency, single operation, output up to 300 packets/hour.

Technical parameters:

Packing range: 0.25kg~5kg

Packing speed: 300 packages/h

Packaging error: 2-5g

Power consumption: 4n-ac380v 50HZ 1.5kw

Air source requirements: 0.6mpa 2.5m3/h

Dimensions: length 1400* width 1120* height 2243 (mm)

Vacuum degree (MPa) : -0.08-0 (adjustable)

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